Tulsa Walks - Walk Audit

December 16th, 2021

11th Street & Garnett Ave

Walk Audit

Walkable communities promote health, foster a sense of connection and community among residents, and provide an overall sense of place and belonging that helps make a neighborhood livable for people of all ages and lifestyles.

A Walk Audit is a simple walk through a specific area using a checklist to identify issues that make walking, riding a bicycle, or driving unsafe or uncomfortable. The issues will be documented, prioritized, and submitted to the City of Tulsa for repair or improvement.

The Tulsa Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee is hosting a series of Walk Audits across our great city. Please check this page and our Facebook page for upcoming events in your area.


Tulsa BPAC is focusing on the major intersections with high crash rates. We will update the schedule once we have confirmed the date with key stakeholders. Let us know if you have suggestions for other areas that would benefit from a walk audit.

AreaDate / TimeMeeting LocationRegister
11th & Garnett Dec. 16, 2021
Los Primos Restaurant
11710 E 11th St
Not Required

Findings and Results

The findings of each walk audit are documented, prioritized, and shared with the staff at the City of Tulsa. The findings and periodic updates are recorded in a document for each location. The links below will be updated after each walk audit is completed.

11th & Garnett Dec 16, 2021 Tracking Sheet

Perform Your Own Walk Audit

Anyone can perform a walk audit, but a small group makes it even better. Neighborhood associations, clubs, community service organizations, and individuals can perform a walk audit. AARP provides a great toolkit for collecting and recording information about our infrastructure. Click here for their printable tool kit.

Tulsa BPAC can provide copies of the tool kit, supplies, and support for individuals and organizations that are interested in performing their own walk audit. Contact us at info@tulsawalks.org.